This professional wedding filming package offers an outstanding service combination that will enhance the memory of your special day. Using two cameramen allows us to have the freedom to maximize the quality of your video e.g. wider angles and closer angles, if one camera doesn't have a good view, the editor can switch to the other camera view. It is essential to have two camera operators to film the entire events of the day - the ceremony, the reception, speeches, cutting the cake and the first dance. Once the footage of your big day has been edited and completed, you can look forward to seeing the events of your wedding day printed on a beautiful DVD and case cover, you also have the option of downloading a link to view your wedding in high definition.


Wedding Videographers


Two wedding camera operators will allow the wedding video look more complete and enjoyable. Two videographers are essential to have a good coverage of your wedding. All our camera operators are professionals and know the equipment inside out. Apart from their technical skills they are also polite, reliable, and discreet. They also do their best to  film in such a way that the wedding is not interrupted.


Up to 8 consecutive hours participation


This is the overall time the wedding videographers will be present at your wedding including . Additional filming hours can be added for £100 per hour.


Your chosen music integrated


Usually, some of the original music is replaced in the editing process to give good quality sound. Various music tracks are also added in later. You can choose the tracks you would like to be used for the edit but this has to be done before the editing process has started. Also, all sound recording levels are adjusted and where possible background noise reduced.


Digital delivery


All our wedding videos are delivered digitally as a downloadable link. This is the easiest way to share the wedding videos with friends and family.


Wedding sound recording


Audio is recorded using the camera's microphone, a radio mic and a mic attached to the groom. Many times, venues provide their own sound system including microphones e.g. a mic for a guest to read a verse, a minister's mic at the pulpit. It is essential to enable us to connect with the venue's microphones or sound system if more than one speaker is planned.  We need to know in advance what type of master out connection the venue or the DJ can provide for the cameras.


HD quality


All the weddings are shot in full HD 1080p on DSLRs and or camcorder.




The final edited video consists of approximately an hour long wedding video but the length of video may change according to your wedding and your needs. Because each wedding is individual we allow you to change the edit, if so desired, once the editor has completed it. You will receive a preview of the edited wedding video and you can request four stylistic changes and all technical mistakes free of charge. If more adjustments are required £300 per day is charged. The filming to the delivery it usually takes about three months.




Usually you have a consulation to find out if we can work together and when the wedding filming service is booked an initial deposit payment of half of th total is required to book the date. The remaining half is paid a month before the wedding date. Payments are made via bank transfer. These two payments will help to spread out the cost over a period of time.



Back up of wedding video


All our cameras film on high quality SD, CF  or other modern cards to prevent any errors. We do not use types. This means that there are no moving parts in the camera therefore decreasing chances for potential errors. Usually, all the wedding video footage is transferred to a hard drive within 24 hr. When this transfer takes place, the footage is also automatically backed up to an external hard drive in case the internal hard drive fails. The  back up is kept until the project is completed.


Customer service


Our aim is always to listen to our customers and offer the best service possible. Here you read see some our wedding costumer feedback.