Tutorial Filming Services | Mark and Les from 'Developing Potential'


I was approached by Mark Solomons to produce a series of tutorials for his and Les business. Initially Mark wanted to film their live teaching sessions but after having a discussion with Mark he came to the conclusion that a separate filming would be more beneficial to the business. Mark and Les teaching style is very much interactive and this would have been very difficult or expensive to film to a high standard. Mark and Les specialise in helping leaders to achieve their potential.

Interview Filming Services | Midge Ure E-reader Book Launch by Kobo


This is a highlight video of an interview filming services which we provided for Kobo, an ebook reader company. The event was held in a old courtroom at the Browns Courtrooms, Covent Garden. The evening started with some refreshing drinks and fans flooding in. The interviewer was Mark Ellen and the interviewee was Midge Ure. Mark extracted some interesting moments of Midge’s life and discussed them with Midge. This also was an opportunity for the fans to take a photo with Midge and ask him to sign their old record, image or book.


Greek Wedding Video Filming in Westminster, Central London


Karl booked our wedding videographer to film his wedding in St Sophia's, Greek Orthodox Cathedral which is located in Westminster, Central London. Prior filming we met up with Karl to discuss his requirements for filming and also we talked through what we will need in order to be able to record satisfactory sound. Karl and the priest also showed the impressive Greek Orthodox church were the wedding was going to take place. The church tries to impress with its majestic design the vastness of God. Above all, a painting of Jesus Christ depicts Him looking down from the church ceiling with raised arms. He is surrounded by saints.

Wedding Videography Services in West London


We provide wedding videography services in West London. Ikram and Ben booked our videographer to film their registrar ceremony at Ealing Town Hall. As usual this ceremony was fairly short and all the filming equipment was needed to be set up prior to the ceremony. Our wedding videographers arrived earlier to set up outside the ceremony room. As we were setting up we also did some interviews with some of the guests and family members. This was requested by the bride as she wanted to capture the feelings and well wishes of her friends and relatives.

Music Video by Fabio D'Andrea | Prelude in a Flat Minor


This is one of the music video that we filmed for album called Reflection by Fabio D'Andrea. The concept was simplicity which was reflected in the white and clean background with dance movements that accompanied this music. Multiple filming were done for Fabio's various tracks. Various groups of people were involved to created the video e.g. make up artist, stylist, camera operator, director. Many of the jobs tasks overlapped and it was great to feel that everyone was working towards achieving the same goal which was to create the best music video with the tools, equipment we had.

Wedding Video, London | Mario and Sophie’s Wedding


Our wedding videographers were invited to film Mario and Sophie’s wedding which took place in two venues. The first part which was the ceremony took place in relatively small building called Wetland Living. It is located in London in the Wetland Centre. When you enter this nature park it’s hard to believe that this is in London. It is perfect place to escape from London’s cars, busyness, buildings and reconnect with the nature. The Wetland staff provided professional and friendly service and were very helpful to walk us to the right part of the park.

Seminar Filming | 'Pick a Web' with Tony Messer and Mark Rhodes


We were invited by 'Pick a Web' to film a search engine optimisation  (SEO) seminar. The seminar host and main speaker was Tony Messer, the CEO of 'Pick a Web'. The purpose of the seminar was to help its customers and other business owners realise the potential of their web sites. Tony is an expert in explaining and breaking down potentially confusing and seemingly complex SEO requirements. This seminar was about the basic principles or guidelines needed to have a healthy web page that is optimised for search engines and ultimately user friendly. It is surprising how little time some businesses invest to represent themselves well to the online world. Tony was all about choosing the right battles to fight and doing things which would make the biggest differences for your site.

Event Filming | The Introductory Event to World Islamic Economic Forum


We were invited to film the introductory event prior to the World Islamic Economic Forum. The participants included Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, Lord Stephan Green of Hurstpierpoint and Najib Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia. As expected, Boris had something interesting and humorous to say about our great city London, for example, he said that we (meaning London) certainly have a murder rate a fifth or a quarter of New York and more free museums than Paris. Boris’ short speech filled with witty and humorous remarks created a welcomed balance between the formal and relaxed atmosphere at the event..

James and Lynanne's Wedding Filming in West London


This is James and Lynanne's wedding highlight video. It was filmed at St Paul's Church, Hammersmith, London. As usual one of our camera operators arrived two hours prior to the ceremony to set up the filming equipment, to test the sound and to film some introduction shots of the guests and church. The setup and test time minimises any expected technical errors happening during the wedding recording. This extra time also allows us to film some beautiful shots of the church’s interior and exterior and the groom greeting the guests.

Seminar 'Daily Bread' Filming


We were invited to film this seminar which took place in London. The seminar topic was on how to improve happiness in life or our well being. As this is such a large topic 5 speakers were presented their insights on this subject each from their own perspective.

Andrew & Maria's Wedding Filming in Central London


Andrew and Maria’s wedding ceremony was filmed in central London at St. Botolph-without-Aldersgate Church.


The couple represented two very different cultures. Andrew being an Englishman and Maria being Peruvian. They met in this church.


Andrew got in touch with us and booked a package that consisted of two wedding videographers filming the wedding ceremony and later on the reception with no editing.

As most weddings we film both cameraman arrived about 2 hours prior the ceremony to set up the equipment and test the sound. The presbyterian church minister was there to welcome us on arrival. He was very helpful and cooperative and explained the order of the wedding ceremony.

James & Lucy's Wedding Filming in Hampshire


James and Lucy's wedding took place in Rhinefield House, Brockenhurst, Hampshire. The hotel is located in the New Forest National Park. This setting allowed us to film some outdoors shots of the bride and groom and use them as overlays for the wedding video. The hotel has spacious surroundings with many gigantic trees. Unfortunately, the video does not do justice in showing the size of some of the trees. Because the bride and groom were getting ready at the hotel, we were able to film some interviews with them and some of their friends prior the ceremony.


For the ceremony, two wedding videographers were used to operate the cameras. The ceremony was led by a registrar superintendent. After the ceremony, everyone had some drinks as the tables and food was being prepared.

Socrates Award Ceremony Filming ‘Achievements – 2011’


This is the Socrates Award Ceremony 'Achievements - 2011' which took place at the Institute of Directors which is located nearby Trafalgar Square in central London. The honourable guests were from all over the world including Poland, Romania, Serbia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Azerbaijan and of course the UK. The awards were presented to high achievers in science, medicine, manufacturing, education and other areas. On this occasion, unlike others, our videographer and photographer were hired by an individual from Malaysia. The videographer was responsible to film the award ceremony, speeches, presentations and some introduction shots. The award photographer was responsible to photograph the guests interactions and focus on our client. The most important part to film and photograph was when our client received the award. The videographer used two cameras for this ceremony so that a wide angle and closer up shots could be filmed as two camera angles would create a better edit. The client chose the package which offers filming services only.

School Event Filming | London Business School-Tattoo


The London Business School invited us to film their yearly event called the Tattoo. Tattoo is an event which celebrates many diverse cultures. The celebration took place at their London campus. Thousands of students were there to represent their culture, enjoy other cultures and just have a good time. The event truly represented the diversity that London represents. There were people from all over the world, just to mention a few Korea, Japan, New Zealand, France, Romania and Australia. Unfortunately, I did not see anybody from my home country Latvia. I guess there aren't enough Latvians at the London Business School. The event was spread out across various venues to accommodate the large number of students to represent their food, sports and other aspects of their cultures.

Health Seminar Filming in London, Heathrow


We were again invited to film Ruben's health seminar. This time the seminar was shorter than usual and it took place in the Holliday Inn located next to Heathrow airport. As usual Ruben talked about various ways your health can be improved. One of the things that stuck in my mind was that he said there are no diseases know to humankind when your body pH level is about seven. Another thing I remember was that exercise can immensely help to reduce depression but unfortunately people are not eager to take part in physical activities. Ruben talked a lot about changing the mindset and how that can help one to achieve results in life. Unfortunately there is no quick magic fix to turn around somebody's life. It has to start with small everyday decisions about what you eat, drink, what you listen to and how you feed your spiritual body.

Concert Photography for the Music Band Esperanza


Recently I was invited by a band called Esperanza to photograph one of their first public performances at the 12 Bar Club in central London. Esperanza consists of five musicians - a drummer, a bass player, an electric guitarist and a singer. I've known the electric guitarist for years and he is a nice lad. His passion is definitely playing music, experimenting with pedals (not car pedals) and becoming better at the music he plays. I am not an expert in categorising different types of music but Esperanza plays a rocky style. They were scheduled to play for 30 minutes and then the next band would come up and prepare for their 30 minute slot. 12 Bar Club was fairly packed and it was hard to move around. It seemed that many people there are regulars who have a certain dress style. Generally, people seemed to be friendly and most of them must have enjoyed the music as the entry fee was £6.


I am sure Esperanza will play in other bars and clubs and we will be able to hear more of their music soon.

Power Point Presentation and Award Ceremony Filming and Photography in Oxford


EBA organised an award ceremony where it awards the best entrepreneurs and other professionals for their high achievement in their respective areas such as military, software and manufacturing.


The event took place in Oxford Town Hall. The event was separated into two parts. The first part was the power point presentation where selected delegates presented their organisations or achievements. We were responsible for filming and photographing this part. One camera operator was used to film the power point presentations. The second camera man was used to take pictures of the speakers, people listening the presentation and the organisers.  As all the required photographs were taken for each individual presenter the second camera man recorded video of the presentations. This provided a wide angle of the stage, of the presenter and the committee. Read more..

Investment Seminar Filming


This investment conference was filmed in the prestigious Mayfair hotel in London. The conference included investors from all over the world but focused largely on investment and resources in Zambia. One of the main guests included Wylbur Simuusa MP, the Minster of Mines and Natural Resources for the Republic of Zambia. Zambia offers many great opportunities for large -scale investors such as Zambeff, who supply food such as milk and grain to the country.


The camera operators arrived earlier to set up the equipment for the seminar filming. The microphones were provided by the hotel so we to had to liaise with the hotel’s sound technician in order to connect the cameras with the PA system.


Two professional seminar videographers were used to film this conference. One cameraman filmed a close up of the main speaker and the second cameraman filmed a wide-angle shot of the speaker or the panel of conference speakers. Read more...

Funeral Photography Sample


This funeral photography began at the house of the bereaved, where symbols of the person’s life were photographed. Before the procession began we took pictures of the open coffin. As funerals are a time for quite reflection on the life of a loved one, the pictures provide a chance for family members who could not attend to remember and mourn. Memorial pictures were taken throughout the day to document specific moments. For example images of the coffin, horse and carriage were taken before and during the procession to the church. The aim of our funeral photographer was to sensitively record all aspects of the day through photography, which also included being there to document the service where readings were given by the minster and close family. Read further..

Wellness Seminar Filming


The seminar was led by Ruben Seetharamdoo who is the founder of the Alchemist Academy. The seminar filming took place in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, London, Heathrow.


The is the second consecutive year we were invited to film the seminar. Two cameras were used to acieve the minimum required angles for seminar filming. The seminar lasted all day with short meal breaks. The video footage ended up to be about 8 hours long. This required many hours to finish the edit.


The main theme of the seminar was helping people to be happy with their lives by encouraging them to achieve their individual potential and by the removal of phobias. The seminar was structured so that it revealed 'secrets' to individual and corporate well being.


One of the secrets was acid-alkaline foods. This was the first time I'd heard that there is no illness known to man... read more...

Manuk & Arevik's Wedding Video Stills


This wedding took place in three locations- at the Hammersmith & Fulham Register Office, at a traditional Orthodox church and the reception in a  Bukhara Maza restaurant. The official part took place in a small room at the registration office and the proceedings went fairly quickly. Filming at the Hammersmith & Fulham Register office could have been challenging as the camera had to be positioned in one place and it was not allowed to be moved from that position. Restrictions like this may hinder filming the best possible wedding video. Also a Register Office official had agreed to wear a small radio mic, however, on the wedding day they were not keen on wearing it. A radio mic is vital to achieve a clear sound recording.


After the official part in the Register Office, the wedding was celebrated in traditional style, more specifically Armenian customs were included. The Armenians seemed to be very friendly and readily included me and other people although there was an occasional language barrier. Read more.

Amandip's Memorial Service Video Highlights


This memorial service was filmed by two professional videographers at Wolverhampton Grammar School. The memorial service was held in the school's main hall. Teachers, guests, family, and friends from the UK and abroad were there to share their memories. Many people from abroad were not able to participate in the memorial service so the video was able to be shared around the world. In interviews, friends shared some reflections on his amazing life.


The funeral service was held previously.


If you want a memorial service or funeral filmed click here.



Varvara & Alex's Wedding Video Highlights | Greenwich London


Varvara & Alex's Wedding took place at  the historical Royal Naval Chapel, Greenwich, London.  This unaltered neoclassical period chapel is many centuries old and boast an intricate design. Each element plays its own part and all together reverberates the majesty, complexity and vastness of God. Varvara and Alex were truly blessed by having the opportunity to marry in this chapel.


For this wedding one professional camera operator was used to capture the highlights of their wedding.


Enjoy the wedding highlights video!