Wedding Video, London | Mario and Sophie’s Wedding

Our wedding videographers were invited to film Mario and Sophie’s wedding which took place in two venues. The first part which was the ceremony took place in relatively small building called Wetland Living. It is located in London in the Wetland Centre. When you enter this nature park it’s hard to believe that this is in London. It is perfect place to escape from London’s cars, busyness, buildings and reconnect with the nature. The Wetland staff provided professional and friendly service and were very helpful to walk us to the right part of the park.


After all the filming gear was set and and all the mics were tested introduction shots were filmed of the building and also guest greeting each other as well as the groom being slightly nervous. Prior the ceremony a dedicated clip on mics were attached to the groom, registrar officer and the person who was going to do the reading. This ensured that the sound was recorded as best as it can be within the budget. The entire ceremony was filmed continuously. Multiple cameras were used to have a sufficient camera angles for the edit. After the ceremony the newlyweds’ exit and congratulations was filmed.


The reception was held in The Depot which was about 10 minutes drive from the Wetland Centre. After we got there one wedding videographer was filming guest interacting and the second videographer was setting up the sound recording for speeches. The arrival and the dancing entrance with background music of the newlyweds was filmed.


All speeches was filmed using multiple cameras to ensure that the speakers and reactions were captured. Throughout the evening the band, guest and bride and groom were filmed. During the evening a family band was performing an acoustic Americana with a bluegrass influence style music. The filming stopped after the first dance.


It was our pleasure to be able to film Mario and Sophie’s wedding. We wish them to have a long lasting marriage and endurance to overcome any obstacles that they may have to face in their lives.


If you like our wedding video and you are looking for a wedding videographer why not get in touch with us to discuss the possibility of us filming one of the most important days of your life.