Tutorial Filming Services | Mark and Les from 'Developing Potential'

I was approached by Mark Solomon to produce a series of tutorials for his and Les business. Initially Mark wanted to film their live teaching sessions but after having a discussion with Mark he came to the conclusion that a separate filming would be more beneficial to the business. Mark and Les teaching style is very much interactive and this would have been very difficult or expensive to film to a high standard. Mark and Les specialise in helping leaders to achieve their potential.


The 18 tutorial videos that were produced were part of a teaching package that Developing Potential planned to offer to education institutions. These video tutorial series were focused on helping school staff to achieve the best possible results in their arena.


All the tutorial were recorded in one day and editing the following weeks. Part of the editing process was to include all the slides which added visual graphics, charts and etc. The slide show integration was an important process as there are various learning styles e.g. one them being visual.


All tutorial video were previewed by Mark and where needed corrections were made to make the videos the best possible. After this, a DVD menu was created and all the videos were prepared for DVD burning.


If you would like to find our more about on creating tutorial videos for your business please feel free to contact me. I will be able to advice you on how much tutorial video costs, preparations or any other questions that you may have.