Health Seminar Filming in Heathrow, London


We were again invited to film Ruben's health seminar. This time the seminar was shorter than usual and it took place in the Holliday Inn located next to Heathrow airport. As usual Ruben talked about various ways your health can be improved. One of the things that stuck in my mind was that he said there are no diseases know to humankind when your body pH level is about seven. Another thing I remember was that exercise can immensely help to reduce depression but unfortunately people are not eager to take part in physical activities. Ruben talked a lot about changing the mindset and how that can help one to achieve results in life. Unfortunately there is no quick magic fix to turn around somebody's life. It has to start with small everyday decisions about what you eat, drink, what you listen to and how you feed your spiritual body.


The seminar was filmed using two cameras. One camera was used for wide angle shots of Ruben and the second camera was used for a close up. Two microphones were used to record sound. One clip on mic was attached to the guest speaker and the second mic was

attached to Ruben. Two mics let the speakers change without any interruption. Filming was a relatively easy process but at the end of the day my legs felt slightly tired.


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