Wellness Seminar Filming


The seminar was led by Ruben Seetharamdoo who is the founder of the Alchemist Academy. The seminar filming took place in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, London, Heathrow.


The is the second consecutive year we were invited to film the seminar. Two cameras were used to acieve the minimum required angles for seminar filming. The seminar lasted all day with short meal breaks. The video footage ended up to be about 8 hours long. This required many hours to finish the edit.


The main theme of the seminar was helping people to be happy with their lives by encouraging them to achieve their individual potential and by the removal of phobias. The seminar was structured so that it revealed 'secrets' to individual and corporate well being.


One of the secrets was acid-alkaline foods. This was the first time I'd heard that there is no illness known to man if an individual's alkaline level is about 7 (1 being acidic, 10 being alkaline).

He talked a lot on the balance between alkaline foods and acidic foods. Briefly, all green coloured foods that are not sugary are leaning towards being alkaline foods and all sugary foods e.g. sweets, chocolate, apples are leaning towards being acidic foods.


Another interesting point he mentioned was that the National Health Service is National Illness Service as the systems work in a way that you are treated when you are sick instead of being treated so that you don't get sick. I was wondering how much money could be saved and how many more people would be happier if the government and other relevant institutions introduced more programs which would help people to be treated before they get sick e.g. taking blood samples and provide free advice and encouragement about dietary changes which may need to be implemented to increase the well-being of cells. But of course, this may not be beneficial for the fast growing pharmacy industry. It seems that in the UK, the majority of illnesses are attempted to be conquered by one or another tablet and very little consideration is given to the body's natural repair mechanisms, regular physical activities and a healthy diet. This is not to say that there is no need for tablets.


Another aspect I did not expect to hear from Ruben was that the more generous you are the more you will receive. This is a teaching I've heard regularly preached at the church I am part of. Also this teaching has popped up in some books which I've read, one of them being Body for Life by Bill Phillips.


The filming of this seminar went well though there were some technical challenges. The hotel had an ageing sound system. They would benefit if some upgrades were introduced. The hotel staff was friendly and helpful but unfortunately, they did not know much about the sound system they have. The staff did try to assist me as much as they were able to with the sound set up.


If you are interested in your seminar or conference being filmed, please get in touch so that we can discuss your requirements. We attempt to provide the highest video quality for the budget you have. We encourage our clients to have at least two camera operators for seminar or conference filming. This is to allow wider and tighter camera angles therefore enabling a higher quality seminar or conference video.