(First payment only £375)

This conference filming service package provides two cameramen and up to 9 hours participation time of which 2 hours is equipment set up and testing time. There are many benefits to having two camera operators, one of which is that we will be able to film from different angles, which is extremely important in the editing process. This professional  conference filming service is suitable if multi camera set up and professional looking video is required.

Two Professional Camera Operator

Conference Video Editing

Up to 9 Hours of Conference Filming

This conference filming package provides two professional camera operators who knows our equipment well. Apart from the technical skills the camera operators are polite, reliable, and discreet. They are able to resolve most technical problems with sound and cameras. They also do their best to film in such a way that the conference or seminar is not interrupted.

The conference video is previewed by an editor and unnecessary scenes are cut out, transitions and titles are added in and sound adjustments are made. Any graphic elements needing to be included in the video must be provided before the editing has commenced.

9 hours total participation of which 2 hours is the set up time and equipment testing and the remaining 7 hours is the filming time. For example, if the conference starts at 12:00 the camera operators will arrive at 10:00 to set up the equipment and be ready to film from 12:00. Sometimes the set up time can be longer if internal mics or more complex wiring is required. This is only a guideline and it depends on multiple circumstances. At 19:00 the videographer will leave. Additional filming hours can be purchased for £75 per hour.

Seminar / Conference Video Editing

Full HD

High Quality Seminar Sound Recording

Conference Filming Prices

All the conferences we film are recorded in full HD quality and you have full rights to distribute the video for commercial uses. You will receive a link which will let you download the conference video in full HD.

High quality audio is recorded using one or two radio mics for one or two speaker at a time. Sometimes venues or translator companies provide their own sound system.  If this is the case it is essential that we are able to connect with the venue's microphones or sound desk if more than one speaker is planned.

When the conference filming service is booked an initial payment of £375 is required to book the date. The remaining £375 is paid before the conference editing commences. The editing process usually starts a day or two after the filming. Payments are made via bank transfers.

Seminar / Conference Sound Recording
Prices for Seminar Filiming
Seminar / Conference DVD

One Master DVD for Duplication

After the conference has been edited one master DVD will be sent to you for duplication. Edited full day conference usually fits onto four DVDs. We can also provide DVD duplication and printing services.