Seminar Filming | 'Pick a Web' with Tony Messer and Mark Rhodes

We were invited by 'Pick a Web' to film a search engine optimisation  (SEO) seminar. The seminar host and main speaker was Tony Messer, the CEO of 'Pick a Web'. The purpose of the seminar was to help its customers and other business owners realise the potential of their web sites. Tony is an expert in explaining and breaking down potentially confusing and seemingly complex SEO requirements. This seminar was about the basic principles or guidelines needed to have a healthy web page that is optimised for search engines and ultimately user friendly. It is surprising how little time some businesses invest to represent themselves well to the online world. Tony was all about choosing the right battles to fight and doing things which would make the biggest differences for your site.


Besides Tony the other speaker was Mark Rhodes. He is one of the most animated speakers that we have filmed so far. He was very energetic, uplifting and funny. It is better to go and see him live or watch him on a video to experience his teaching style and the encouragement he conveys.


Ultimately, apart from participating in the seminar and taking in all the highly valuable information, we were responsible to film the seminar and later create an edit. The seminar was edited into three parts which was distributed as DVDs. Titles and slides were included in the seminar video edit.


The principles taught in the seminar video are highly valuable and if the principles are implemented into routine a business has a good chance to stand out from its competitors.


During the breaks we filmed interviews with some of the delegates and  'Pick a Web' clients. It was surprising to see how well 'Pick a Web' had taken care of its clients.


We wish Tony all the best and that his business would go from strength to strength.


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