Daily Bread Seminar Filming


We were invited to film this seminar which took place in London. The seminar topic was on how to improve happiness in life or our well being. As this is such a large topic 5 speakers were presented their insights on this subject each from their own perspective.


The main seminar speakers filmed were:

• Andrew Stead Founder of Your Daily Bread. Happiness, Well-being and Resilience teacher. He was the host of the day.

 • The second speaker was Ben Hunt-Davis who is a performance consultant, inspirational speaker and author of ‘Will It Make The Boat Go Faster?’  He is also a gold medal olympian. He was one of our favourite speakers. He elaborated on his experience of becoming the gold medal olympic champion and what strategies he used to achieve this result. He talked about his rowing experience to achieve results in other areas of life.

 • The third speaker was Vanessa King who is positive psychologist, Board member of Action for Happiness. One of the things she was teaching was breathing techniques and how that can affect our moods.

 • The forth speaker filmed was Oliver James who is psychologist, author, journalist, broadcaster and television documentary producer and presenter. He was talking about the toxic society we live in.

 • Susan Quilliam, Agony Aunt, author, TV personality. She mainly focused on our need to be connected well with others and how disconnection can affect us.

 • The last speaker recorded was David R Hamilton who is a PhD scientist, author, and speaker. He is a Scotsman who had funny jokes up his sleeve and some good insight about meditation and how that can effect our bodies' chemical balance.


Seminar Filming Technical Set Up

For this conference two cameras were used. Both cameras and the operators were placed on mobile stage risers to be able to film over the heads of the delegates. One camera was used to film the speaker and the second camera was moving between the audience and the speaker. This generally was enough to cover the two main angles. We also provided mics for the speakers.


After filming, all the seminar video was edited into four sections for distribution.


If you are looking for seminar filming and editing services in London and surrounding areas please get in touch and we are sure we will be able to help you.