Music Video by Fabio D'Andrea | Prelude in a Flat Minor

This is one of the music video that we filmed for album called Reflection by Fabio D'Andrea. The concept was simplicity which was reflected in the white and clean background with dance movements that accompanied this music. Multiple filming were done for Fabio's various tracks. Various groups of people were involved to created the video e.g. make up artist, stylist, camera operator, director. Many of the jobs tasks overlapped and it was great to feel that everyone was working towards achieving the same goal which was to create the best music video with the tools, equipment we had.


Used Equipment

For those who are interested in the specs of this music video creation here they are:

 • two GH2 were used with various prime lenses

 • one glide track

 • tripods

 • two kino flow and another two balanced daylight lights were used.


The equipment was just barely enough to get the job done. Saying that the GH2 performed well for this job but as a camera operator I always see the flaws the camera has. There was a lot of work needed to be for the studio wall so that they looked white. A lot of the artefacts in the white background was removed later in After effects.


We hope that you enjoy the video.