James & Lucy's Wedding Filming in Hampshire


James and Lucy's wedding took place in Rhinefield House, Brockenhurst, Hampshire. The hotel is located in the New Forest National Park. This setting allowed us to film some outdoors shots of the bride and groom and use them as overlays for the wedding video. The hotel has spacious surroundings with many gigantic trees. Unfortunately, the video does not do justice in showing the size of some of the trees. Because the bride and groom were getting ready at the hotel, we were able to film some interviews with them and some of their friends prior the ceremony.


For the ceremony, two wedding videographers were used to operate the cameras. The ceremony was led by a registrar superintendent. After the ceremony, everyone had some drinks as the tables and food was being prepared.


During the meal, we filmed some shots of the bride and the groom, and the guests and family mingling. Continuous filming began again when the speeches started. It is a tradition for the groom and the best man to make the speeches. The speeches, on many occasions, are a stressful time for the groom and the the best man because not many people are used to speaking in front of a large audience and this case was no exception. Once the speeches had been given the groom and the best man were able to fully enjoy the evening.


Our videographers stopped filming after the cutting of the cake and the first dance.


We wish James & Lucy a great future as they learn about each other and bring out the best in each other over the years to come.