School Event Filming | London Business School - Tattoo 2012

The London Business School invited us to film their yearly event called the Tattoo. Tattoo is an event which celebrates many diverse cultures. The celebration took place at their London campus. Thousands of students were there to represent their culture, enjoy other cultures and just have a good time. The event truly represented the diversity that London represents. There were people from all over the world, just to mention a few Korea, Japan, New Zealand, France, Romania and Australia. Unfortunately, I did not see anybody from my home country Latvia. I guess there aren't enough Latvians at the London Business School. The event was spread out across various venues to accommodate the large number of students to represent their food, sports and other aspects of their cultures.


Our camera operators were commissioned to film a highlight video of the events. Because so much was going on and also for the ease of editing we used two cameramen operated four cameras. Two cameras were stationary, one to film a wide shot of the stage and a second camera to capture the audience expressions. The other two cameras were moved around as much as the crowd allowed. Four camera angles gave the editor enough room to play with the footage and find some good entertaining moments. There was so much going on at the same time that it was not easy to decide what needed to be filmed. Also, it was very crowded which made it difficult to move around, but is spite of the challenges the footage came out great.


Aside from filming, one of the things I regretted not trying was riding the bull. It seemed like no one was able to stay on the bull's back for a long time. You can see some the shots of the bull at the end of the video.


We hope that you enjoy the London Business School Tattoo highlight video.