Concert Photography for the Music Band Esperanza


Recently I was invited by a band called Esperanza to photograph one of their first public performances at the 12 Bar Club in central London. Esperanza consists of five musicians - a drummer, a bass player, an electric guitarist and a singer. I've known the electric guitarist for years and he is a nice lad. His passion is definitely playing music, experimenting with pedals (not car pedals) and becoming better at the music he plays. I am not an expert in categorising different types of music but Esperanza plays a rocky style. They were scheduled to play for 30 minutes and then the next band would come up and prepare for their 30 minute slot. 12 Bar Club was fairly packed and it was hard to move around. It seemed that many people there are regulars who have a certain dress style. Generally, people seemed to be friendly and most of them must have enjoyed the music as the entry fee was £6.


I am sure Esperanza will play in other bars and clubs and we will be able to hear more of their music soon.

If you would like to hear and read more about them go to their site which should be live soon. If you would like the live performance of your music band to be photographed or filmed get in touch with us so that we can help you.