School and University Lecture Filming/ Capture from £350


How does lecture filming/ capture / recording work?

We provide professional high quality lecture filming services for schools, universities, colleges or any other educational institution. Lecture videos can be used internally by students and externally for uploading to your university web page, YouTube channel or iTunes U. Making lecture videos publicly available is a great way to add value and reputation to your university courses. There is a growing number of lecture videos available on iTunes U and why would your university not take part in this educational revolution?


Firstly, to book the lecture filming service you would need to email us. You would need to provide the date, starting and ending times and full address for the intended lecture. If possible providing the details of a contact person on the filming day.


Once we have all the relevant information an invoice/ contract will be created and payment requested for the lecture recording. Once that payment has been cleared and email confirmation has been sent out the lecture capture service is booked.


Then one of our friendly camera operators will get to the location 2 hours in advance to set up the equipment and test the mic and begin to film the lecture using one high definition camera and one clip on wireless mic.


After filming the lecture, video files can be transferred onto an empty hard drive provided by you; or we can adjust the sound and clip the beginning and ending of the video and export it for you in the most suitable format e.g. YouTube and for any modern mobile device.


Once the lecture video sound, and beginning and ending has been adjusted the lecture will be available to be downloaded.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


How much does it cost to film a lecture?


To capture a lecture our prices start from £350 this includes:

• One camera operator with a professional quality camera and a tripod

• One wireless clip on mic

• One video for web so that you can post it to the relevant distribution service

• One .mp3 files which can be listen on iPod or a phone.


Extra services for lecture recording?

Additional services can be added for a small fee such as:

 • Slide show integration £50

 • Adding your universities logo, titles and name tags £50

 • Background music integration


Are there any lecture capture / filming package deals?

If your university or school requires to film on regular basis throughout the semester reduced prices can be agreed if at least 6 or more lecture capture services are booked in advance.