James and Lynanne's Wedding Highlight Video


This is James and Lynanne's wedding highlight video. It was filmed at St Paul's Church, Hammersmith, London. As usual one of our camera operators arrived two hours prior to the ceremony to set up the filming equipment, to test the sound and to film some introduction shots of the guests and church. The setup and test time minimises any expected technical errors happening during the wedding recording. This extra time also allows us to film some beautiful shots of the church’s interior and exterior and the groom greeting the guests.


We had advance communication with the church audio technician to have the most appropriate audio set-up. The technician agreed to provide a master audio mix of the recorded service. This made the filming and set up much easier as we did not have to use our mics except for the groom.


The filming of the service went well and as planned. The church staff or volunteers were very helpful and provided the audio file at the end of the ceremony. As usual, we filmed the the bride's entrance, the vows, readings and at the end, the guests mingling with each other and with the bride and groom.


At the wedding there was a wedding photographer called Adam Szczepanski. He takes photos in reportage style. It was great working with him as he took great care not to be in the video camera shoots unlike other photographers we have worked with. The best of all, Adam's photos of James and Lynanne's wedding day are full of creativity, attention to detail, natural and full of emotion. If you would like to see some fantastic photo samples of James and Lynanne's wedding by the wedding photographer Adam look here.


We wish James and Lynanne's have fantastic life together.


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