Zambia Investment Seminar Filming


This investment conference was filmed in the prestigious Mayfair hotel in London. The conference included investors from all over the world but focused largely on investment and resources in Zambia. One of the main guests included Wylbur Simuusa MP, the Minster of Mines and Natural Resources for the Republic of Zambia. Zambia offers many great opportunities for large scale investors such as Zambeff, which supplies food such as milk and grain to the country.


The camera operators arrived earlier to set up the equipment for the seminar filming. The microphones were provided by the hotel so we to had to liaise with the hotel’s sound technician in order to connect the cameras with the PA system.


Two professional seminar videographers were used to film this conference. One cameraman filmed a close up of the main speaker and the second cameraman filmed a wide-angle shot of the speaker or the panel of conference speakers.

The seminar provided discussion and interactive moments where the audience could ask the speakers any relevant questions they had. At this point of filming the conference, it would have been beneficial to have a third cameraman to purely focus on the audience. As a third cameraman would have enabled us to better film the delegate asking the panel a question.


The third camera operator is for editing purposes as it would have allowed us to get a better mixture of wide angle and close up shots of the delegates making the seminar video better crafted and more enjoyable to watch.


If you require seminar or conference filming please contact us to discuss your filming requirements.  We advise to book us in advance so that the various aspects of seminar or conference filming can be arranged. Some venues provide their own sound system or an external company comes in to provide the mics and speakers. It is essential that prior to the event we can liaise with other involved bodies for a better end product e.g. seminar video, short commercial promo video. This may seem trivial, but good planning can make a big difference to the final video.