Greek Wedding Video Filming in Westminster, Central London

Karl booked our wedding videographer to film his wedding in St Sophia's, Greek Orthodox Cathedral which is located in Westminster, Central London. Prior filming we met up with Karl to discuss his requirements for filming and also we talked through what we will need in order to be able to record satisfactory sound. Karl and the priest also showed the impressive Greek Orthodox church were the wedding was going to take place. The church tries to impress with its majestic design the vastness of God. Above all, a painting of Jesus Christ depicts Him looking down from the church ceiling with raised arms. He is surrounded by saints.


The Greek church service filming went as planned. One wedding videographer was located at the front of the church so that he can record the faces the the bride and groom. The second camera videographer was standing more towards the back of the church which allowed to film a wide angle of the service and a closer angle of the priest. The wider angle allows to show the vastness of the church and it also included the guests. The closer angle is useful in the edit so that when a closer shot of the priest is required it can be used. The close angle of the priest is especially required when he prays and perform the various rituals. The other camera operator is needed so that the reactions shots of the bride and groom can be seen.


During the wedding service the priest conduct various rituals e.g. walking around the table which is placed at the front of the altar and the the head crowns or rings are multiple times exchanged from the bride and groom’s head.


After the Greek church wedding service the bride and groom excited the church and the guest and family congratulated them.


The reception was held at the National Liberal Club which is located close the the parliament in  Westminster. The main filming for us was to capture the atmosphere, the speeches and money dance. Probably one of the most interesting moments was the money dance. This was a dance during which money was attached to the bride and groom. It may be assumed that this was done to well wish the newlyweds and help them to start their lives together as a wife and husband.


Many weddings we film put forward various technical challenges one of them being insufficient lighting conditions. This is especially relevant during the reception and first dance. This is a time when the lights are fairly dimly lit to create that magical atmosphere. This works very well for the people being part of the wedding but this lighting condition more often than not present challenges for wedding videographers due the video cameras operating or perceiving light differently than our human eye. Simply put all video cameras operate or produce better video quality when there is a good amount of light. We have been able to overcome this insufficient lighting conditions with our recent camera purchase. This camera performs very well in low light conditions and the money dance and many of the other scenes look great although the light were fairly dimmed lit.


We wish Karl and Laura all the best as they continue to live together as a husband and wife.


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