Funeral Videography

We provide professional funeral videography services in London, the rest of England and Wales. The funeral day can be full of emotion as the speeches, readings or poems are shared. Many times these orations may be forgotten due to the emotion. Also, some family members may not be able to participate because they are living abroad. A funeral filming is a way to film this special event and share it with friends and family.

Funeral Videographers

Our team of funeral videographers is small and usually consists of two camera men. They work unobtrusively and professionally to capture the day. They will discreetly film all the events during the day such as friends and family arriving at the house, the readings or sermon at the church, the last good-bye at the crematorium or the graveyard. We also can interview people if questions are given or an interviewer is provided.

Book Funeral Filming

To book funeral videography services please call us, email or start an instant chat. When you book the funeral videography service we will need to know the dates, times, locations and the program for the day. This information has to be emailed to us. We take seriously sound recording therefore, we will need to know if the venues have their own PA systems and if  mics are used. We will be explaining all this in more detail when you get in touch with us.

Online Delivery

We provide online downloadable video which can be easily shared with friends and family across the globe.



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