We have filmed funerals and memorial services for many years. Sadly, we are all busy with our own lives, and sometimes we only truly realise what someone meant to us after they have passed away.  At the funeral or memorial service, a part of the grieving process is remembering stories of the loved one. A eulogy is when friends and family share their fondest memories. Unfortunately, we often do not remember the speeches, readings, poems and music as the day can be full of emotion.

Filming a funeral service can help to remember those most precious memories and also share them with relatives and friends who live across the globe and are unable to attend the service or memorial. Once editing has been done the funeral or video can be shared online privately with friends and family who may not be able to attend.


We understand that this is a sad time for you and your relatives and therefore our videographers do their best to minimise the cameras being obtrusive.


Our equipment is relatively small in size and therefore more discreet. Our videographers are mindful of camera positioning and try to be as discreet and unobtrusive as possible and at the same time do their utmost to film from the most  appropriate angles. Our funeral or memorial filming package includes:


Two Funeral Videographers


After many years of filming we have come to believe that a minimum of two videographers are essential to have a good coverage of the funeral or memorial service. Our camera operators do their best to film discreetly.



Online video delivery


All our videos are sent online. This will allow you to share video with friends and family.


Full HD


All funerals or memorials are recorded in full HD quality and you have full rights to distribute the video as you wish e.g. friends and family. After the edit has been locked you will receive a link which will allow your friends and family watch the video in full HD.


Sound Recording


Good audio recording of funeral or memorial is very important for high quality video. Therefore, audio set up has to be arranged and discussed prior the filming. We can provide small and desecrate radio microphones or mic stand for the ceremony conductor and readers


Participation Time


Up to 8 hours participation (2 hour set up) This is the overall time the videographers will be present at the funeral or memorial service including 2 hour set up. For example if the ceremony starts at 12:00. The guests arrive at 11:30. So, the videographer will arrive at 10:00 to set up the equipment (about 30min) and be ready to film outdoors introduction shots by 10:30. 11:00 indoors shots. 11:30 film guests arriving. 12:00 the start of the ceremony. This is only a guideline. The various time sections may vary and depend on multiple circumstances. At 17:00 the videographers will leave. Additional filming hours can be added for £70 per hour.




Usually the original music is replaced in the editing process to have good quality sound. Various music tracks are also added in later. You can choose the tracks you would like to be used for the edit but this has to be done before the editing process has started. Also all sound recordings levels are adjusted and where possible background noise reduced.




The edited funeral or memorial video usually is approximately an hour long. Because each funeral is different we allow you to request some changes to the edit if needed. However, all specifics should be given prior the editing e.g. take out somebody's reading. You will receive a preview video and you can request four stylistic changes and all technical mistakes are corrected free of charge. If more adjustments are required £300 daily fee will be added.


Travel Costs

We film memorial service and funerals in England and further. Within London we do not charge travel costs but outside London the charge is 0.45 per mile.



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