Funeral Photography Sample


This funeral photography began at the house of the bereaved, where symbols of the person’s life were photographed. Before the procession began we took pictures of the open coffin.  As funerals are a time for quite reflection on the life of a loved one, the pictures provide a chance for family members who could not attend to remember and mourn.  Memorial pictures were taken throughout the day to document specific moments.  For example, images of the coffin, horse and carriage were taken before and during the procession to the church. The aim of our funeral photographer was to sensitively record all aspects of the day through photography, which also included being there to document the service where readings were given by the minster and close family.

Our funeral photographer shot some of the photos using multiple exposures, which is also called high dynamic range, this just means that the camera takes multiple images at various exposures of the scene, so that in the editing process the images can be matched together to produce the best possible image. In the crematorium, there were two large windows that produced a lot of light which inevitably led to the over or under exposure of some wide angle images. But because of the high dynamic range implementation, we were able to amend this problem at the production stage.  Below we have included some examples of the pictures shot in HDR with multiple exposures.

In this image it can be seen that the altar is overexposed but the people in the same picture are of the correct exposure.

Examining the second picture it can be seen that the people are under exposed and that the altar is correctly exposed.

Photography in high dynamic range therefore takes multiple images at different exposures which are combined to produce good quality photographs like the one on the left.


Overall, the day was a time of remembrance and reflection. The funeral photographer worked quietly and sensitively alongside the family documenting pictures of family and friends when the moment naturally occurred. The family was lovely to work with and very welcoming and they also provided lunch. The funeral photographer would like to express his deepest sympathies and warm wishes to the family.