Funeral / Memorial Audio Recording

We provide professional funeral audio recording services in London and the rest of England. The funeral day can be full of emotion as the speeches, readings or poems are shared. Many times these orations may be forgotten due to the emotion. Also, some family members may not be able to participate because they  live abroad or unable to attend the funeral service. A funeral audio recording service is a way to record the event and share day with friends and family. Our prices for a basic funeral sound recording starts from £400.

Funeral Sound Recording


Our funeral sound recording specialist usually works on   on his own on the day. We would negotiate with the venue (e.g. church) to find out the best sound set up. Some venues you their  own sound system and if this is the case we would usually record the sound by plugging our recorder into their sound desk. Our funeral sound technician works unobtrusively and professionally to record the day. All microphones and cables will be connected prior the funeral service so that the readings, sermon, eulogy and the last good-byes can be recorded seamlessly. Interviews can also be carried out if an interviewer and questions are provided.

Funeral Sound Recording Delivery


The sound will be edited and levels adjusted. Once this is done you, family and friends will be able to download the funeral sound recording which can be listened wherever they are as long as they have access to computer, tablet or smart phone connected with the internet. Once the audio file has been downloaded internet connection is not needed.

Book Funeral Recording


To book funeral audio recording service please call us, email or start an instant chat. When you book us we will need to know the date, time, locations and the program for the day. This information has to be emailed to us. We take seriously sound recording therefore, we will need to know if the venues have their own PA systems and if their mics are used. We can explain all this in more detail when you get in touch with us.



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