Event Filming and Editing Services

We provide high quality event filming, whether it to be for a seminar, conference, wedding, memorial service, a party or any other event. The filming services and prices for weddings, seminars, tutorials and other events can be found below. We provide video production services for various events, however, if none of the filming or editing packages suit your requirements, please contact us to discuss individual project, filming, editing and visual effects costs. We are happy to discuss options and bring clarity to any ideas that you may have for your event.


Each event is different and a successful event requires meticulous planning. This is especially true if filming is required. There are so many details to consider! One of our aims is to assist you in this planning process. To be successful in helping you, we would need to understand how the video is going to be used, e.g. Is it going to be a highlight video of the day for your site? Or do you plan to use the video as a training video for your staff or for anything else?


Once we understand how you would like to use the video, we will be able to provide consultation about what can be achieved within the proposed budget. More often than not, there is a gap between expectations and budget. We will be able to provide you with a competitive filming and editing quote on various aspects of video creation.


Once we have agreed on what needs to be filmed, depending on the final product, our camera operators will work hard to achieve the best video quality possible. Most events are filmed by one or two event videographers. If budget allows, a third or even fourth camera operator can be added if needed. Extra camera operators are needed if multiple filming angles are required simultaneously.


Filming your event allows you to relive the event sometime in the future and share it with friends, family and colleagues who may not have the chance to be part of the special day. During events, we tend to forget things because of being emotional or busy and event filming is the best way to bring back memories. We have filmed many events and have the right experience to produce high quality videos.


If you would like to found out more about our experience in event filming please feel free to contact us discuss your event.