Event Filming | The Introductory Event to World Islamic Economic Forum

We were invited to film the introductory event prior to the World Islamic Economic Forum. The participants included Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, Lord Stephan Green of Hurstpierpoint and Najib Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia. As expected, Boris had something interesting and humorous to say about our great city London, for example, he said that we (meaning London) certainly have a murder rate a fifth or a quarter of New York and more free museums than Paris. Boris’ short speech filled with witty and humorous remarks created a welcomed balance between the formal and relaxed atmosphere at the event.


After the honorable speakers gave brief speeches, questions were asked, regarding the planned forum. Numerous questions focused on the recent murder of a British soldier.


It was agreed that one camera operator be provided for this event. All microphones, including handheld mics for the audience were provided by the City Hall. The venue sound technicians also provided a mixed master sound feed for the camera. This eliminated the use of multiple microphones for the same speaker.


After filming, all the unedited footage was converted into the requested formats and given on a hard drive to the event organizers for archive purposes and potential future promotional use.


If you are considering filming your event and requiring technical advice regarding filming, lighting and sound setup please feel free to consult us.