High quality event filming services for churches

Is your church planning an event with a guest speaker, some other special event or an outreach and you require a video? If the answer is yes, then you are on the right page. We provide high quality church event filming and editing services in London and in surrounding areas. Whether the planned event is in-house training or for promotional purposes or anything in between we believe that we have the right experience and skills to make the video look professional.


Church event videos can be used for a variety of purposes and therefore the allocated budget can differ vastly. A simple in-house training filming service may only require one camera operator and therefore the cost can be kept to a minimum. More complex church event filming such as a multi-camera set up requires additional equipment and a bigger filming crew and therefore costs more.


After the filming has been completed the footage is edited to suit your requirements. For example, if a highlight video is required the editor selects the best pieces of the filmed church event and puts them together. Also, sound and colour are adjusted and graphic elements, where needed, are added in. When all this is done the video is sent out for previewing and if needed adjustments are made. Sometimes the edit preview is sent without graphic elements or other adjustment so that the edit can be locked.


Church event filming services prices vary and are dependent on various factors. The basic price structure for a basic church event filming is £250 for up to 5 hours participation and £200 for a day of editing or graphic element creation. Additional costs would be extra camera operators, additional gear and transportation and parking.


If you require church event filming services please get in touch with us.