Socrates Award Ceremony Filming ‘Achievements – 2011’

This is the Socrates Award Ceremony 'Achievements - 2011' which took place at the Institute of Directors which is located nearby Trafalgar Square in central London. The honourable guests were from all over the world including Poland, Romania, Serbia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Azerbaijan and of course the UK. The awards were presented to high achievers in science, medicine, manufacturing, education and other areas. On this occasion, unlike others, our videographer and photographer were hired by an individual from Malaysia. The videographer was responsible to film the award ceremony, speeches, presentations and some introduction shots. The award photographer was responsible to photograph the guests interactions and focus on our client. The most important part to film and photograph was when our client received the award. The videographer used two cameras for this ceremony so that a wide angle and closer up shots could be filmed as two camera angles would create a better edit. The client chose the package which offers filming services only. They chose to edit the award ceremony footage themselves when they returned to Malaysia. All the video files were given after the ceremony finished. The photographs were edited and sent the next day.


One of the cameras was wirelessly connected to the sound desk for quality sound recording. Also a sound recorder was used as a back up in case some interference occurred with the wireless system. It was surprising to see than none of the other camera operators bothered or thought to connect to the sound desk for quality sound recording. They just used they onboard camera microphones to record the sound which would be poor quality as the cameras were a reasonable distance away from the speakers.


The award ceremony went longer than planned which is not unusual for events like this. After the main part had finished, we had some time to transfer the files to the hard drive so that it could be given to our client.  While the transfer was taking place I had time to chat with some of the guests and find out their stories.


If you require filming or photography services for an award ceremony, please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss how we may help you capture the recognition and celebration of your achievements. I would like to end this with the thought which was shared by one of the award recipients. He said something along these lines, that the award is deserved by the hard working employees of the company. I believe that on many occasions the award recipients are only the tip of the iceberg and are supported by a large unseen mass under the water.