(First payment only £125)

This is a basic award ceremony filming package offering one videographer and the end result is unedited footage. This filming service is most suitable if editing for the award ceremony is not required e.g. archive purposes or in house editor will be used. This service provides 3 hour filming time and 2 hour set up time.

One Professional Camera Operator

This award filming service provides one professional camera operator who has great technical skills and are polite, reliable, and discreet. The camera operator is able to resolve most technical problems with sound and cameras. The camera operator makes efforts to minimise being intrusive.

Up to 5 Hours of Award Filming

This is the overall time the videographer will be present at the award ceremony location. For example, if the award ceremony starts at 12:00 the videographer will arrive at 10:00 to set up the equipment and test the sound and be ready to film from 12:00. At 15:00 the videographer will leave. Additional filming hours can be added for £40 per hour. The set up time is only a guideline and it depends on multiple circumstances.

Delivery Format

 The award ceremony footage is not edited but if editing service is required it can be provided for additional cost. The raw unedited footage is given as it was recorded  or it can be converted to a specific format for additional £50 so that you or your editor can easily view the video files on a computer. Our cameras film in these formats - videos as MTS (container) AVCHD (codec) or Quick Time (container) H264 (codec) or MP4 (container) MPEG (codec).  The footage is transferred to your provided hard drive throughout the day or we can provide one for £100.

Seminar / Conference Video Editing

Full HD

High Quality Seminar Sound Recording

Award Ceremony Filming Prices

All the award ceremonies  are filmed in full HD (1920 x 1080) footage shot on a DSLR or a camcorder. You or the organisation you represent have full rights to distribute the video for commercial uses.

High quality audio is recorded using one or two radio mics for one or two speaker at a time. Sometimes venues or translation companies provide their own sound system. It is essential that we are able to connect with the venue's microphones or sound system if more than one speaker is planned. We need to know in advance what type of master out connection the venue or the hired audio firm can provide for the cameras.

When the filming service for award ceremony is booked an initial payment of £400 or half of the total payment is required to book date. The remaining £400 or the other half is paid a week before the award ceremony takes place. Payments are made via bank transfers.

Seminar / Conference Sound Recording
Prices for Seminar Filiming