Power Point Presentation and Award Ceremony Filming and Photography in Oxford


EBA organised an award ceremony where it awards the best entrepreneurs and other professionals for their high achievement in their respective areas such as military, software and manufacturing.


The event took place in Oxford Town Hall. The event was separated into two parts. The first part was the power point presentation where selected delegates presented their organisations or achievements. We were responsible for filming and photographing this part. One camera operator was used to film the power point presentations. The second professional camera man, Alan Besedin, took pictures of the speakers, people listening the presentation and the organisers.  As all the required photographs were taken for each individual presenter the second camera man, Alan recorded video of the presentations. This provided a wide angle video of the stage, of the presenter and the committee.

The mics for the committee and the presenters were provided by a local firm. We successfully liaised with them in advance. The collaboration resulted in good sound recording using the camera and an external sound recorder linked to the mixer. It is important for us to know in advance which organisations are involved and what they are responsible for. This helps all the organisations involved to have the right expectations. When we arrived at the location, the sound firm already knew what we needed and provided the connectors without any problems.


The second part of the event was the award ceremony. It took place in the same building but just in a different hall. About 100 individuals were awarded for their achievements in various industries. Here we also were responsible for photographing each award recipient and filming the announcing and giving of the awards. This time we had to use the Town Hall's sound system. Unfortunately, it did not provide a sound feed for the cameras. So we had to use an external sound  recorder which was connected to the mic the announcer used. This way we were able to bypass the in-house PA system but at the same time an XLR splitter was used to provide sound feed to the PA. The camera operator had to come up with this plan on the go as it was not planned.


Before the event started the award photographer experimented with lights to determine the best possible award photographs.


The only challenge the photographer had, was to take a group photo of all the delegates.  Because many delegates had invited guests who brought their own cameras, they swarmed the photographer and did not give him a chance to take a good photo. It would have been better for the professional photographer to have a dedicated time to take the professional images and then allow the other photographers to take their own photos. The other challenge was that the delegates for the group photo did not face the photographer, they did not speak English and the unofficial photographers asked them to look in various directions. To avoid these types of situations we suggest that clients let us know in advance what photos are needed so that large groups of people can be organised better.


Overall, it was an enjoyable experience to film at the Oxford Town Hall as the staff was friendly and helpful. They cooperated with the award videographer and photographer in regard to the sound and lighting and even gave first-aid to the videographer.