Andrew & Maria’s Wedding


Andrew and Maria’s wedding ceremony was filmed in central London at St. Botolph-without-Aldersgate Church.


The couple represented two very different cultures. Andrew being an Englishman and Maria being Peruvian. They met in this church.


Andrew got in touch with us and booked a package that consisted of two wedding videographers filming the wedding ceremony and later on the reception with no editing.

As most weddings we film both cameraman arrived about 2 hours prior the ceremony to set up the equipment and test the sound. The presbyterian church minister was there to welcome us on arrival. He was very helpful and cooperative and explained the order of the wedding ceremony. The mic set up could have been a challenge as there were multiple speakers taking part during the ceremony. However, after a conversation with the minister and an easy solution was found. A shotgun microphone on the podium was set up for all the speakers. A wireless lavaliere microphone for the minister was given so that he could walk around while giving his speech. Lastly, another wireless microphone was attached to the groom, which was used to capture his and the bride’s vows. When testing sound we noticed that the church's wireless mic’s cable was broken, luckily we had a spare and lent it to them for the wedding ceremony. While all this took place the other videographer was filming establishing shots of the church and its beautiful garden behind.


The ceremony was also streamed online for the family members and friends who could not attend the wedding.


After the ceremony some photos and videos were taken outside the church gardens. After that all the guest and the cameraman went to the reception venue which was Hendon Hall Hotel.


As before the one videographer was filming some establishing shots of the venue. On arrival at the reception venue the camera was connected to the sound desk to be able to record the speeches later on. The hotel staff was very helpful in communicating about their audio setup. The speeches were recorded with the venues mixer and microphone so therefore all that was needed was to connect our recorder to their mixer, capturing everything in good quality but with also our own microphones on standby in case of an emergency.


The night ended well and 007 James bond themed speeches was highly entertaining. One camera focused on the person giving the speech the second was on the audiences reaction. As the day was closing with cutting of the cake all the filmed wedding footage was transferred to Andrew's external hard drive before leaving.


We wish Andrew and Maria long and happy future together.


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